Ford Truck Man

Yesterday I dropped by the Ford dealership in West Liberty and bought a replacement for the Buick LeSabre that the deer destroyed. It’s official now, I’m a Ford Truck Man! Between the F-150 pickup and our new used 2000 Ford Windstar, we have converted to a Ford household.

In some respects I will miss the LeSabre. It had a comfortable ride and lasted nine years. It did go through a transmission service and other costly repairs (replacing the struts alone costs about $900), and then there were the alternators that I went through every two years it seemed. But the LeSabre had a comfortable ride on the interstate and it did get up to around 110 MPH on a couple of occasions. Alas, it had close to 180,000 miles and was showing its age, mostly in the interior.

Katryn insisted on a minivan this time around, because she wants to fit an entire basketball team in the car, and because we are tall people; and if we ever have that third child, (nope, I’m not planning on it yet!) or that family dog she keeps talking about, we will need plenty of room. I tried looking for a used minivan and found the quest quite daunting; the dealerships have plenty of small cars and SUV type vehicles, but I can’t afford a Tahoe and if you look at the Explorer and Trailblazer, they are actually smaller in length than the F-150 pickup. Even though I’m not totally sold on Ford, I wanted to try a non-GM car this time around and found the Windstar to be a good fit for what Katryn wanted. It has moderate leg room for six foot tall people and when I test drove it, it handled a little bit better than the F-150. Last time I drove a Blazer, it pretty much drove like a pickup truck, so I was expecting the minivan to be equally slow, but it actually is a bit smoother and acceleration is decent too. The combination of price and the good condition the minivan was in, made for a good deal and so I ended up buying it on the spot.

Overall it was a good deal. I ended up paying pretty much KellyBlueBook value for it, but I did not really care too much cause the minivan had only 72,000 miles on it and the car dealer was nice and not pushy unlike other Ford dealers I’ve dealt with. I would recommend buying from them again. During the summer I had their service mechanic tune-up the F-150 and he was pretty nice too. I much rather drive the 15 minutes to West Liberty, Iowa and feel comfortable, than take it to the big Ford dealer in town any day.


  1. Ford trucks are pretty good as my dad has owned them for many years as has a new 150 now that he loves. Ford cars are generally bad as my mom and ex-wife can tell you (‘Found On Road Dead’ has some merit). Not sure about minivans but good luck with your new ride for your growing bball team.

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