A Tree Falls on January 11th

The midwest is known for having large snowfalls every few years. However some of these snow storms are worse than others. This year the 2024 Winter came with a couple of rounds of snow that accumulated to more than a foot in Iowa, but the worse was that the snow was wet and heavy. All of these conditions came together to bring down plenty of trees in our neighborhood. The damage was broken tree limbs that were longer than 20 feet and which knocked out my electricity and phone lines.

Red Tail Hawk

While walking along the Iowa River trail, I went into the brush and came upon a bird of prey. At first I thought it was one of those moments when nature communicates to you spiritually. Maybe I was meant to go no further and turn around. I approached closer, however the hawk stood his ground and did not move. I took these pictures and left him to his privacy.

Only later when I imported the photos into my MacBook did I realize why the hawk did not scatter upon my approach. There at his feet, lay his dinner: a nice size rabbit!