Disassemble The 94 LeSabre Dashboard

This weekend, I needed to change the stereo in the Buick LeSabre. Since I’ve never did it before, I had to figure it out and while the Internet has lots of information, instructions on how to actually remove the dashboard from a 1994 Buick LeSabre are actually hard to find. Here are some notes on the process:

  • First you will need a 7mm socket, a long philips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, and possibly a small flashlight if you don’t have good lighting.
  • Next open the glove compartment and both doors to the car.
  • The faux wood panels are the easy part. Just slightly pull them up and they should snap out of place.
  • Now the main black dash cover is one long piece. For this you must unscrew several retainer blots, most of which are hidden behind the air vents. Using a flat screwdriver carefully press down on the air vents from the top, then turn them sideways and they should come out.
  • Behind each of the air vents you will need to remove each of the retainer bolts.
  • With all the retainer bolts out, you can pull up on the black dash cover and remove it. You might have to move the shifting arm out of the way in order to get enough clearance.
  • This should leave you with a bare dash and access to several more bolts that hold the stereo in place.

When putting back the dash, make sure you do not overtighten any bolts as this will cause the plastic dash pieces to crack or break.

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