Coffee Addiction

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, to be honest I’ve much more preferred Coke Cola. My girlfriend reminded me of the 3 liter bottles I use to down regularly while in college, but now that I’m a certified diabetic, I find myself drinking only Diet Coke and other horrible diet varieties of soft drinks. Since I started working earlier, I’ve found myself drinking 16 ounce coffee cups almost daily and even on the weekends when I sleep in, I find myself drinking coffee instead of getting breakfast. At first I did not notice, it just kind of happened with the change in work schedules, but come Thursdays and Fridays, I find myself exhausted and almost relish the energy (or should I say hyper attitude) that comes with morning coffee. For some reason, even though Diet Coke and Diet Mountain Dew have caffeine as well, it just doesn’t register the same with me.

Overall I find the taste of coffee to be bitter. It is not exactly a delicious drink. Though I would have to say that the Panera coffee is very flavorful and quite pleasant compared to the usual gas station coffee. I’ve mostly grown somewhat fond of French Roast with Hazelnut creamer. Since I’ve grown to become a coffee drinker, I’ve started to try a few other beverages as well, most notably beer. My preferred beer is ale. I find ale to be smoother, with less after taste. Luckily Iowa City offers plenty of choices when it comes to beer. There are even some nice local brews that are pretty good. Over the Holidays, I decided to try red wine a bit more, but cheap wine can give you headaches, and it sure gave me a terrible headache that lasted pretty much the whole day. No more wine for me.

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  1. As with all drugs there are side effects that you pay for later. Caffeine tends to give you headaches when you try to break away from it. It also makes you hyper and jittery when on it and hard to sleep if you take too soon before going to bed.

    I almost think sugar should be classified as a drug since it affects the body in similar ways giving a high effect and then a low as blood sugar levels rise and fall.

    Alcohol for me tends to just exaggerate whatever mood I am in. I actually get quieter (calmer) at hockey games after I drink though so that is weird.

    I have never liked coffee or tea and don’t drink pop anymore but still occasionally have hot chocolate and like frosties too.

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