November 2006 Vote

The November 2006 vote is fast approaching, and while I agree that the Iraq War is the number one issue in these elections, lets pretend for a minute that there are other things to consider. Here is a random list of issues which the politicians are not mentioning, or should I say neglecting. It would be nice to know what the political canidates think about:


No other issue effects more Americans than healthcare. The country faces a crossroads when it comes to healthcare. Regardless of your position on universal healthcare, one thing is evident is that we need to make healthcare records electronic and have them become the exclusive property of the patient. This alone would save millions of dollars and help modernize medicine in the immediate future. In the long term the federal government will have to eventually institute national healthcare. It is the only reasonable solution.


For the sake of our economy and our future, we must as a nation commit ourselves to improving education. It seems that we argue constantly about religion in public schools instead of actually making education itself our focus. No Child Left Behind did not fix the problem, and it seems that Americans don’t really want to invest in their children anymore.

National Infrastructure

The concensus is that the housing market is crashing hard, and with it so will the economy go. Yet there are countless roads, bridges, and other infrastructure that needs repair. Government should invest in fixing this. Remember the powergrid needs work too. Why not make our own national infrastructure a priority and put our own people to work in their own communities. We could rebuild the nation and be more secure for it.

Corporate Greed

The corporations that have been on bad behavior of late are too many to count. It seems when any corporation gets in trouble, they go to Congress to bail them out. When is the private sector going to help government out? I’d like to see corporations invest in something more than just themselves. How about investing a national program of ideas? Let’s see the private sector come up with bold initiatives and execute them on their own. In return the patents could be shared and everyone could profit from the investment.

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  1. We have spent alot on Iraq’s infrastructure which they prefer to destroy. We have definitely been neglecting our own and that will probably become more obvious in the next few years. Interstate 80 should be 3 lanes all the way from North Dodge to 380 but that keeps getting delayed. $50million in Rainforest money never got to Iowa as it went to the war and to Katrina victims. $10 million in Vision Iowa money never made it to Cedar Rapids, since the kayaking idea was sort of stupid.

    But despite this lack of state and fed money, I think local areas are better off if they can survive and flourish without government, but are competitive and efficient businesses, but roads need to be safe and all ease of transportation.

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