Bulls Rebounding

The Ben Wallace era for the Chicago Bulls is just getting started and by the way they have played in the preseason, things are looking up for the team. Rebounding is up and the offensive game is becoming easier because of it, however, I still think Chicago has to tighten up if they are ever going to get pass the first round of the playoffs this year. It is simply too early to tell if the changes made will be enough, but overall there appears to be a lot of positives for the Bulls. The lack of height will continue to plague the team against some teams, but when you look at how well the Suns have done with a fast running game and great passing, it is easy to see that the Bulls can be at least a second round playoff team this year.


  1. I like the way the Jazz play with a strong inside game and lots of passing. They dominate in rebounding and have a high field goal percentage. I haven’t seen the Bulls play yet.

  2. Entertainment wise, The Suns are always great to watch. Nash is the best passer in the game right now, and he has a cast of young players around him to keep the ball moving. The Bulls are just beginning to play well. Deng is their best player. Even though I’m from Chicago, I still love watching the Detroit bad boys take apart teams. Rasheed, Hamilton, and Prince are great to watch, and if Chauncey isn’t ballhogging, he does a good job distributing. This is perhaps the best year for the NBA since I started watching four years ago. There’s Lebron, Carmello, Wade, Timmie, Dirk, Nash, Iverson, and so many other great players, that pretty much every team has a good show.

  3. Hey, I agree that the NBA is on the rebound and has some nice teams in Phoenix, Chicago, Utah, Dallas, Detroit, SA, and Miami. I may become a fan again of the NBA. I like watching Dirk and Steve Nash.

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