Women Bloggers Rule

I use to love getting my female counterparts pissed off at me, by asking them this simple question: If women can do everything a man can, how come everything is Man-Made? It is of course a joke, but it does point out the gender bias in our society. No one ever comes out and saids, that such and such is Woman-Made, not even children, we kind of just take many of women’s contributions as either unimportant or simply downplay them. This is why the blogging world is so interesting.

In the early 90’s the Internet was a male dominated sphere, some might even say it was a white-male dominated world, but let’s just leave it as male-dominated for now. The biggest activity that was not really a legitimate use of the Internet, was smut. In the western world, the market for smut is men. They buy it the most and its prescence on the Internet was immediate and cutting edge. As the Internet went commercial, the adult industry used more and more technology and made the Internet there most important platform since the VHS tape.

Then a funny thing happened on the Internet, women started using health oriented sites more and more. In fact their usage climbed higher and higher until at last the most often used service on the Internet was no longer adult oriented, it was health information, and the market for this service was female oriented.

Now flash forward to 2005 and blogging is the new medium which is growing by leaps and bounds, and while the blogging world is not completely dominated by either gender, at least I think so, it is perhaps one of the best ways for women to express themselves.

But why are women and blogs revolutionary or even important you ask? Well, the western world also has its little histories that people tend to forget. Ever wonder what a parlor room is? It is a room that is set aside for lounging, for discussing the topics of the day. Many houses in colonial times had them, and this is where women talked about such things as the political questions facing the colonies before they became the United States of America. Eventually after the U.S. became a country, many of these rooms were no longer included in new houses, perhaps the men did not want their women discussing politics without them, but one often wonders about such architectural history. Essentially, women have been repressed from communicating their thoughts and even if you somehow doubt that this still goes on in today’s modern/postmodern world, the blog as a platform for women’s expression is priceless. A blog can be anonymous, it can be downright silly, or downright radical, and of course serious, so it is the modern day digital parlor room that many houses don’t have.

Women bloggers, from my own perspective, are in fact very good at blogging. They have interesting views and their blogs are not just about the latest Playstation or XBox game either.

For a long time I have been quoted as saying that the male species is in danger of extinction, simply because I see so many men today stagnant. Women are the better gender; they continue to evolve without us, or as some feminists might say in spite of us men.

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