Women Still Attractive After 30

My significant other, usually I call her My Woman, not because it’s particularly sexist and macho of me, but because we are not married but have been together for over ten years now, and so I find it appropiate to say My Woman, instead of the woman I’ve been attached with for a decade now or perhaps my lover, but anyway to get to the point of this, is that as a man you get older and while you would like to think that 16 year old girls are perfect, the truth is that most women bore me, and not just the younger ones.

What happens is that external looks like nice breasts, thighs, face, whatever fade and while young women are certainly in their prime when it comes to their looks, they are also not very interesting. Older women have a certain confidence that makes them sexy, that is if their bitterness has not completely corrupted their personalities. More importantly they know things, like how to make love, what a good book is, and even if they don’t know how to cook, they at least know a good dining establishment to go to.

My woman told me a story about how a man my age, was caught by his wife having sex in his office with his assistant. His wife at the time had already had two children and was going through cancer treatment, if I remember correctly. I totally understood where that man was coming from. He was bored. He still loved his wife and kids, I’m sure, but he was definitely bored and stupidly tempted by a younger woman.

Chris Rock has this great joke about how a man is only as faithful as his opportunities; if she chases you, you can’t run that fast! I’m sure most men would want to think that way, but it is usually more likely that the man never runs away to begin with, if he’s bored or having trouble communicating with his partner.

Like I said, women over 30 are sexy, even if their youthful looks are fleeting. It really is too bad that women in the western world are paranoid about their looks. I always remember this scene In The Heart of Darkness, where the narrator describes the African woman on the bank of the river. There’s nothing more sexual than an openly confident woman.

My advice to young women, stop worrying about your looks, read some more good books, and never accept any man’s shortcomings. To women in their 30’s or older, you should already know this, and if you ever catch your man cheating on you, well you already know why he did it, you just have to decide what you are going to do about it.

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