Worthless Internet News

Like most everyone today, I’m a hardcore Internet news junkie, but it seems that every week the same story is reprinted and after a while this gets pretty annoying. This is why I’ve put together a list of things I never ever want to read ever again on the Internet.

The Beatles And Paul McCarthy Story

The Beatles broke up in 1970, they made a few good songs, and for the most part I think they sucked! I don’t care if their music is ever available on iTunes and care even less about McCarthy and his lawsuits against Apple. I never ever want to see another Digg story on The Beatles ever again! The only Beatle that was ever cool was George Harrison anyway.

Lindsay Lohan

A short and ginger girl who parties all the time and who can’t seem to control herself. Why is this news? She’s got some talent, but so does Mandy Moore and and Moore is actually better looking. Don’t these young actresses know that alcohol makes you look worse, not better?

Paris Hilton

Worse than Lohan is Hilton. The world does not care how rich or untalented Hilton is, so why does the media flood us with stories of this sad woman?

WMD Story

After billions of dollars spent on the Iraq war and countless lives lost, I think anyone who still saids there were huge stockpiles of WMD’s in Iraq is a total idiot. Let’s face it, Saddam was a small time dictator and not the giant threat that the Bush administration made him out to be. There is no need to continue talking about why we started this war, the conversation needs to be about how we end the war and help solve this huge mess.

Apple’s iPhone and iPod

Yes, Apple’s iPhone and iPods are cool, but until you actually have something important to write about, do not publish another story on how Apple might update the iPod or how the iPhone might have this feature, just freaking wait until Apple saids it. Stop giving Apple all this free publicity.

Celebrities Getting Married or Pregnant

No one cares about anyone getting married anymore, we just care about the divorces. So just publish the divorce stories and we will be happy with those. Use to be a time when people would not talk about getting pregnant, nowadays, having a baby is like having a fashionable accessory. If you don’t have an iPod and a baby, somehow you are not a fashionable celebrity. Stop it. Having a family is not a fashion statement, so please no more pictures of so and so’s baby. Just let celebrities have their families and their private life.

Microsoft Versus Linux

Microsoft is no longer an innovative company. It has become stagnant and predictable. There is no need to publish any stories about how Microsoft hates Linux and open source, everyone knows that Microsoft is expensive and open source is cheaper. The constant chatter about the whole debate is pointless. Microsoft sucks, and so does Linux. Just pick the one that sucks less for you.

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