God Of War

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been running in circles it seems with all the work I have, and so to relieve some stress, I bought God of War for the Playstation 2, and have been playing for some time now. I’m not much of a gamer, in fact, I had not turned on the PS2 in over four months! After playing this game though, it is hard not to get addicted. This is the best video game I have ever played. It is completely cool in every way, from the way you control your character, to the graphics, to the storyline, to the music, and so on. Of course most other games suck compared to God Of War, and while I know God of War 2 is out, I’m not forking over $50 for a game.

God Of War is mature rated, mostly because of the topless nudity it has, but my kid and I had a great time playing it and finishing the game. It was a good bonding experience, and I currently picked up Shadow of the Colossus to see if that would be any fun.

I guess between a hefty work schedule, the NBA Playoffs, my guitars, and trying to get some sleep, I hardly have any time to bond with the family this month. Who knew video games would be the one thing to rescue me from going totally insane this month!

If you do get God of War, make sure you play it with your shirt off, to get the full Kratos experience.

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