Women No Longer Need Heroes

Sometimes pop songs are all we listen to. Of late I have been thinking of Bonnie Tyler singing Holding Out For A Hero, and wondering if women really need any heroes nowadays? The song starts out asking, “Where have all the good men gone? and where are all the gods?”, needless to say women have pretty much intimidated them all, to the point that men have stopped listening. Relationships have become a tangled mess of complexities that men often fail to navigate successfully, or which some men find too daunting to even approach. This has caused both genders to worry. The heroes are dead. Men never wanted to be heroes, to begin with, for the most part, men want attention, but on their own terms. Women who see themselves as very perceptive and emotionally intelligent, (they have to be given the society we live in), often misunderstand men. For our part, men are not traditionally good communicators of their wants and needs. This is something that men need to work on. But women need to speak up as well. Waiting for a hero, the shining knight, does not work very well with the image of a modern day Miss Independent woman. I guess it is hard not to go crazy, trying to be two things at once, both heroine and supplicant. So why do it? Relationships are not about being romanced or playing games, they are about getting what you want from your partner. Be honest with yourself and then ask for what you want. Romance and games are fun, but they are not what two grown people should base their relationship on. At the end of the day, are you happy or miserable? Chances are there isn’t any hero coming to your rescue, and even if there was, can he or she even hear you?

New Economy

The White House announced their new budget plan and it lays out exactly how The New Economy works. In case you don’t understand economics or are not an accountant, here is How The New Economy Works For Dummies:

Companies pay less taxes, but continue to get great subsidies from the government. This is great because companies can have better profit margins and hopefully hire more people. On the other hand, employee wages in comparison to CEO salaries have been stagnant and there seems to be a sense that businesses do not need to share the wealth with most of their employees, just their executives.

Government continues to shrink domestic programs, because we all know that citizens should not expect anything from their government. Killing job programs, education, and unneeded services forces people to become more self-sufficient. If you can’t afford your prescription drugs, too bad, maybe you should have taken better care of yourself. If you can’t read, too bad, No-Child-Left-Behind will surely fail you and whatever school system got stuck with you. And of course, if a big giant force of nature comes down and destroys your property, too bad, don’t expect FEMA to come to your rescue. See all this makes you self-sufficient.

The New Economy is all about dumbing down Americans and bankrupting the nation.

Brilliance Overrated

My personal project last week was to think of why brilliant people are not always successful. Over the years, I have had ample opportunities to meet people of all walks of life. I have seen some very smart people from high school go on and succeed in college and in their current careers, but I also know people who I have considered to be truly brilliant, fail miserably to get promoted or even have a good relationship. When it is all said and done, are you remembered for your brilliance or are you remembered more for your attitude than anything else? It seems we defer to so called experts in the media all the time, yet I find myself paying very little attention to anyone if they lack charm or are too abrasive from the get go. While book smarts are important, one can’t discount personality from the equation.

All of this adds up to two words I’m sure English teachers say all the time: effective communication. If you sound like you do not know what you are talking about, people will think you are an idiot, and if you sound too smart and talk over people’s heads, then you still are not communicating well. You need to know your audience and you need to charm them. It seems that people are not interested in rewarding hard work and dedication, they are more interested in complimentary personalities. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.