February Snow 2008

Just when you think it is over, February comes and it hits us with seven inches of snow. I managed to shovel most of it yesterday afternoon and felt a little adventurous and went for a ride in the pickup truck… only to find myself not going up a hill! I ended up backing down the hill and sticking to main roads in Iowa City, but needless to say, all roads were pretty bad yesterday during the peak of the storm. On Gilbert Street, right pass the railroad bridge, the police were trying to help out, as a Trailways passenger bus found itself sliding backwards. Schools in Iowa City were definitely closed today. The storm was not as bad as the one that hit during the Christmas break, but this time around, everyone is in town and people have to get to work. It was a pretty good snow storm and not too cold to enjoy it, that is if you don’t have to drive anywhere.

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