Turning Thirty-four

This morning I checked my email and saw that my brother emailed me, asking me how I felt about being in my mid-thirties? I honestly did not think of it until he said that, partly because I’ve been telling everyone I’m 29 for the last three years. However, I am now officially thirty-four and thinking, well it is not too bad. I enjoy things more, and I’ve learned to have more patience in general. Although I’d like to think it is because I’ve matured and learned the ways of The Force, but sometimes it is that the reflexes have slowed down over the years. It is not that my rebellious instincts have at all subsided, it is that mentally you no longer welcome the consequences. I guess when you are young and oblivious to such things as consequences your bravado will push you further than you really wanted to go, but with age comes the wisdom of knowing that when you engage yourself in a fight, most likely you will not come out unscathed. Nowadays I know to pick my battles wisely, as I know most wars can never be won. And even more importantly I understand how there are people that love to instigate wars that they never fight themselves. Life is about choices and experiences. Most often it comes to a crossroads between the arduous moral choice and the easier way out. Everyone likes to say how they always choose the right way, but in reality, most often we pick the easy way out because choosing the moral path is just too hard. Then there are times, when you have learned from past experience that the moral path does not exactly end with cheering applause, more often than not, people resent you even for making the right choices. Undeniably age does become a factor, but it isn’t so much that you can’t react like you use to, it is that you have learned from your past experiences.

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  1. My brother-in-law turned 40 this summer and it freaked me out since I am now 36 and closer to 40 than 30. Over this past weekend I noticed gray hair on my chin so that freaked me out again but definitely as you age, you mellow out and generally make better decisions (go to bed earlier so you aren’t so tired the next day, watch what your eat more so you don’t turn into a barrel, etc.). You can still do fun stuff and act stupid but you just don’t do it quite as often.

    I think it’s easier for guys to get older as we are now more mature, hopefully more successful and gray and bald are often seen as attractive by women even if we don’t see it that way. Women have thinner skin so they wrinkle more as they get older and their beauty dimishes much more rapidly and they can’t have children after a certain point so aging is very terrifying to them.

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