Men, Please Stop Buying Women’s Deodorant

I’m just going to come out and say it. If your deodorant or anti-perspirant comes in a little black can/bottle, you are buying the wrong stuff. Men don’t have to smell like perfume to attract women. This is utter nonsense. Men are suppose to stink, it is their foul odor that creates the right environment for fermones to be created, which do in fact attract women. And if you know what fermones are, you should know that fermones do not have a very clean origin.

Stop listening to those supposed men’s magazines who are brainwashing you into buying all sorts of junk you don’t even need. Maxim wants you to buy Tag, Axe, and dozens of other products from their sponsers. That’s called advertising! It does not mean you have to buy into it.

If you still want to smell good, then actually go to the perfume counter and buy yourself a bottle of designer cologne. It will cost you, but at least people will know you spent real money on yourself instead of trying to pass yourself off as a playboy because you bought the deodorant that some magazine told you was cool.

For the rest of us guys who don’t care about offending as much, there’s Right Guard, Old Spice, and of course Brut. They are a lot cheaper and it’s what we grew up with. If you really do sweat a lot, then it’s called Mitchum, wear it if you need it!

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