Bathroom Fire

We had some excitement at the office yesterday. It seems that whirling sound coming from the ceiling vent fan was more than just annoying, it was a sign. As usual if you don’t head any of the warnings, life has a way of getting your attention in the darnest ways. In this case, the fan just burst into flames and we ended up going all fire extinguisher on it. The results make for an interesting picture.

Ceiling Vent Fan After The Fire

White People Are The New Black People

Think about that for a minute. Now go and watch some cable tv. With the exception of BET, UPN, and a rare freak occurrence of a Black character on one of the network reality shows, television is predominantly white! Go ahead and turn on one of the 24 hours news shows, and here again, pretty much everyone is white. Let’s face the truth white is in. Maybe in the post Eminem era, white people really can do everything!

On closer inspection, you even have super white steretypes now. Paris Hilton being the gold standard of the spoiled-rotten rich white girl, that all the others like Nicole Richtie, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, etc… must compare themselves to. Then there’s that white comedian, Larry The Cable Guy. Everyone in America knows his signature phrase, “Get’r Dun”. Last year the NBA even promoted its white looking atheletes like Steve Nash on the Phoenix Suns. White is the new black, and it is proving very popular. The news channels just can’t get enough stories of white women missing, either cause they were kidnapped or at least managed to fake it. White is the new New Hip Hop. Fifty-cent you might be white after all!