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1. What are the benefits of registering?

Mostly you will have access to all features of Vibe Forums, including email, and full access to all forums. Only members can see all discussion forums and are allowed to post to all forums.

2. Will my email address and information be given to a third party?

No. I have enough work managing the website to even note what everyone's email address is. Registering is required to be part of the Vibe Discussion community. We are not spammers!

3. Once I register, what should I do?

You may login as your user name. Check to make sure your time setting for the board is correct. Midwest time is minus 6 hours Greenwich time. You can also upload your own avatar.

4. If I have a problem, what do I do?

Email or message the ADMIN user in the forums.

5. I posted something and it was removed or was edited?

We reserve the right to do this. Offensive material to the moderators may be removed or edited, or in other cases, the SQL database is messed up and we had to delete your posting for technical reasons.

6. The board is running slow, why?

The Internet has congestion problems from time to time, and so I can't help this. Our site is hosted and will suffer problems from time to time. Try again later.

At times the board will be down and you will get a message. This is usually due to maintenance or other technical problems.

7. I would like to be a moderator for a forum?

Only our personal friends are allowed to be moderators. We will make exceptions if you are one of the higher posting members though.

8. Who is user "xxxxxxxx"?

The Admins do not reveal the identity of members. Please message them yourself to ask them.

9. Your forums are cool, can I send you money for a new Macintosh?

Yes. You may. Just email the Admin and we'll send you an address to send us any donation or thank you.