Transformers 4

  • Worst movie of the summer, and a huge disappointment! That's the best way I can describe Transformers 4. The plot is the same exact thing as the other 3! The government doesn't like the Autobot's, and they blame everything on them. However the real bad guys are the Deceptacon's or whatever the hell they were called in this one! However it's completely different because Mark Whalberg is in this one! However he does an ok job however his character doesn't make sense, and a lot at times the plot doesn't even make sense! Wait you actually want to see the Transformers? Nah we are just going to focus on the boring humans! And this movie has the worst Cgi, you know it's bad when they can't even get that one right! The action is boring because this movie is like 3 HOURS LONG!!! Michael Bay does what Michael Bay loves, and that is explosions! EXPLOSIONS ARE EVERYWHERE IN THIS MOVIE AND THEY ARE SO REPETITIVE AND ANNOYING!!!!!! I was so bored during the action in this movie! Oh yeah the Dinobot's get like 3 seconds in the film! And to answer your question, No their isn't one single ME GRIMLOCK in this entire movie! Transformers 4 gets a 4/10 kids will like it, but if you are a fan of the Transformers this movie will just piss you off!