The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the sequel to the 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man. Because the first movie made Spider-Man fans give all of their money to the company that is Sonny responsible for technology such as the Playstation Move, but those people should've spent their money buying a ticket for The Dark Knight Rises, which was a film that I enjoyed a lot more then the first "Amazing" Spider-Man. Don't get me wrong I love Spider-Man more than a lot of other comic book characters, sometimes I enjoy Spider-Man more so then the Caped Crusader himself. However the Spider-Man films have been okay, nothing really spectacular. However that doesn't mean I wasn't excited for the first one, I was more then happy when I saw the trailer, the only thing that I was confused by was the costume, but still the movie looked awesome! But then I went to go see it. And I was disappointed. However I still had a feeling of hope for the second one. I thought this movie was going to be as great as The Avengers, I thought sony could prove that Fox and Disney are not the only ones that can make a awesome Marvel comic book movie. But sadly I was again disappointed. Thanks Sony! Now on to the actual review.

    Remember how in the first movie we were promised to find out about Peter Parker's parents? And then how Sony cut it out from the original movie? Well the took it out and just placed in the sequel. So we find out about his parents and i'm not going to give it away because that wouldn't be pleasant for the people that are reading this and haven't seen the movie. But its not that great, I was disappointed yet again. However this movie had things I enjoyed for example, Andrew Garfield as SPIDER-MAN is great, he has all the things that make Spider-Man well Spider-Man. He knows what to do and when to do it, but as he is trying to reach his goal he will basically goof off. And I like the way he gave his jokes. I didn't see Andrew Garfield in a suit. I saw Spider-Man. Which Andrew Garfield completely beats emotional wreck that is Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. However theirs a lot more problems I have with the movie but I will get to that later. Also I really enjoyed the chemistry between Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker in this movie. You can actually buy them as a couple. Also props to Emma Stone for doing a amazing (no pun intended) performance of Gwen Stacy. I thought the cgi in this movie was done really well in this movie as well. It looked a lot better then the first one. I also really preferred the costume of Spider-Man more so then the one is the first one that I thought looked stupid. But theirs that one scene in the movie that hits you were it lives, like I said i'm not going to spoil it but it was done really well. However having all these things that I enjoyed can't make up for the many problems of this movie.

    Lets start out with the little things then we will go to my number one problem in this movie. Ok, they didn't fix the same mistake the first movie made, THE SCENES IN THE TRAILER DON'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE!!!! I don't know why but that really pissed me off. I can't explain or added because I would have to explain what happens in the movie but you know I don't want to spoil it. The writing in this movie can sometimes be good but when its bad its REALLY BAD. Sometimes they will just put a joke that was their just because they couldn't think of anything. And some of the jokes in this movie will feel really awkward because you have that feeling that your supposed to laugh but you can't because that one joke it TERRIBLE!!! And now my final complaint are the villains. Lets start out with the Rhino, wait I can't because WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM!!!! They promised 3 villains, but how many do we actually have, just one and thats Electrode. The scene you see with the Rhino in the trailer IS THE LAST SHOT OF THE MOVIE!!! Like I said before I don't know why but that really pisses me off! Ok, Jamie Fox tried, but like I said before the writing just ruined his chance of actually being a good villain. Mostly he's just a rip off of Batman Forever's Riddler. And now what I think is the worst villain is Harry Osborne. No offense to Dane DeHann, he was really good in the first half of the movie but as soon as he turns into The Green Goblin if just feels like it was rushed. His lines as the Green Goblin are terrible. You can tell the writers just wanted to get this movie done. I don't know its not like they just rushed one of the best comic book villains of all time, oh wait thats exactly what they did. AND HE IS ONLY THEIR FOR ONE PURPOSE, THATS IT!!!!! HE'S ONLY IN THERE FOR 5 MINUTES!!!!!! And most likely if your a Spider-Man fan and you read the comics you might know what i'm implying. But if you don't, by the way i'm not joking when I say this but its in THE TRAILER!!!!!!!!

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was better then its predecessor however if I could some up this movie in one word it would be disappointing. I can only recommend this movie if your a die hard Spider-Man fan and you haven't seen it. Or if your a parent that wants your child to be entertained while you work or do something. The Amazing Spider Man 2 gets a 6/10 it isn't a terrible movie don't get me wrong but it could've been a lot better.