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    Gwenyth Paltrow stars as a small town girl who manages to out grow her small town obstacles to achieve her big dreams of being sophisticated, travelled, and not tied down to her roots. This is perhaps the strangest movie I've seen in a while. It is not entirely obvious if this is suppose to be a comedy (it is not funny enough), a drama, (it is not dramatic enough), or a fastly put together film based around a really good actress who should have passed on this project. I definitely think it is the last one.

    Character wise, Paltrow seems halfway between a ditz, a slut, and a terrible dresser. She is neither appealing, nor profoundly amazing in this film. The rest of the supporting cast is a combination of famous actors, like Candice Bergman who plays the world's most famous Airline Flight Attendant, but neither are they crucial to the film, nor really interesting. Even the Christinia Applegate character is uninspiring, even though her character is central to the plot's course.

    Perhaps the point of the film was to be a comedy romance, but even here the lead male part is unbelievable and forgettable. If you are looking to see a good comedy romance or romantic comedy, then I suggest any film by Reese Whitherspoon, because at least in those films so far the comedy actually is funny and Whitherspoon is a pretty good actress as well.