Archived Review

      The trailer to UnderWorld promised a lot, it showed a hot looking Kate Beckinsale in a tight dominatrix like cat suit jumping from an incredible height and also blasting sub-machine gun like weapons, while having an element of vampires and werewolves, so it would lead you to believe that Hollywood was going to deliver a breathtaking film, but alas the actual film did not really inspire any such visions.

      First let me say that some actresses have very unique voices, like say the opening dialogue to The Fellowship of the Ring, comes to mind, or even Carry-Anne Moss in Matrix, but Kate Beckinsale is not one of them. First off I could not even hear what she was saying in the beginning of the film, then pretty much most of her lines came off as nothing more than cold and lifeless. Sure she looks good in the black suit, but after a while you start thinking, when is she going to show some skin? Are not vampires sexy and alluring? In UnderWorld they are just cold and white pale looking!

      As for the plot, well there really is not much. Basically the vampires and the werewolves have been fighting a war for over a thousand years, all leading back to love of course. A big jawed blond boy plays the poor innocent human who is tied to the war by birth, and Kate Beckinsale's character takes a liking to him and his predicament. Along the way, there are a lot of gun fights, battles, and werewolves, but by half way through the film you realize this is not a horror film, it is an action movie! Meaning gore is nowhere to be found in this film!

      The entire film steals very obviously from the Blade films and also the Matrix, but neither excels Matrix's effects. nor shows any cool new changes to the vampire book of tricks like Blade II. However, the end of the film pretty much raps it up nicely for an UnderWorld II, which I am hoping they seriously rethink, or at least let Beckinsale out of the suit once!

      Like Blade II, UnderWorld is pretty dim looking visually, but if the DVD release is as good as Blade II, then the film should be more visually appealing at home, since home viewing can highlight more the visuals and make the film appear cleaner looking in general.

      Lastly the coolest action shots are all in the trailer!