The Incredibles

      The Incredibles

      The Incredibles
      Archived Review

      Pixar has brought us another wonderful work of animation and story telling with their latest release, the Incredibles. The movie starts off showing Mr. Incredible rushing off to some appointment that he doesn't want to be late for but he continually stops along the way to help out people in need (e.g. rescue an old lady's cat from a tree, stop some criminals in a car case, etc...). The appointment show Mr. Incredible in his secret identity of Bob Parr marrying Helen (aka ElasticGirl). Then the story takes a bit of a downturn where the government relocates all the supers and they have to go on with their lives as normal people.

      Bob & Helen end up living in suburbia with 3 kids (Violet, Dash & Jack-Jack). Helen appears to be a stay-at-home mom; while Bob works as a claim rep for an insurance company. Alas for Bob, this insurance company is all about profit and nothing about helping people. He regularly gets called into his boss's office to explain how it is that the customers know all the info that they need to work the company's internal systems to actually get their claims paid. Bob spends his Wednesday nights with another ex-super, Lucius. They tell their wives that they're out bowling but in reality they spend the night sitting around listening to a police scanner and doing the odd bit of "supering".

      This leads to a fantastically depressed Bob. Then in one day, he blows his top at work, gets fired and then gets hired by the lovely Mirage to do some top-secret supering at a remote, tropical island. Of course, this entirely too good to be true turn of events ends up leading to disaster and draws Bob's entire family into danger.

      And as good as the main story is; it's the little touches that really make this movie.

      Edna, the fashion designer for super models and super heros. Dah-ling, she's simply mahvelous!
      Violet disappearing when the school hunk looks her way.
      Helen staying up late waiting for Bob to come home from bowling and their having a fight.
      Helen finding a blond hair on Bob's work suit.
      The guards at the villians lair being typical faceless minions.
      The music fitting in so well with the movie.

      One last thing to note, Pixar has obviously been hard at work to make their computer animations look more realistic. There's a scene where ElasticGirl gets dumped into the ocean and when she comes up to the surface; she's got the most realistic looking wet hair that I've ever seen in any animated film.

      I give this movie top marks and highly recommend it to all.