Archived Review

      Like most fans of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I think I expected too much from Ang Lee, this time around. The Hulk, this time around is a drama with some action, but for the most part the film is a lot slower than most fans of say X-Men2 would expect. This is not to say that Lee did not do some really inventive and cool things in this film, it is just that overall the film never quite makes the same category of films that it could be associated with.

      The storyline is pretty basic, but also very Greek Tragedy. Father wants to remake the world, has son, loses everything in the process. Son grows up, comes full circle with father, must over come father's weaknesses. There's a love story there too, but it is not as developed as one would have thought.

      The look of The Hulk is interesting, Lee portrays a natural world and a human world. The natural world is colorful and absorbing, the human world is divided, less colorful and did I say dimly litted. The action scene with the hybrid dogs is just one dark fight scene. By far the best action sequences that Lee shows the audience, are when The Hulk is jumping and running by himself. Probably the best thing the Lee does overall is his capturing of how The Hulk jumps to travel large distances. This is done even better than in the many cartoons that The Hulk has had over the years. As for CGI Hulk, it just is not that realistic, this Hulk looks more like shiny green clay than a real creature. The tank scene is pretty much the best action scene in which a CGI Hulk battles human looking objects.

      What I really did not like about the film was the Sam Elliot character of General Ross. It was too over the top and I really did not think the acting was that good overall in the picture. Average drama like in the film Space Cowboys, is really hard to come by, and The Hulk lacks it in a few places.

      In conclusion, if you are absolute Hulk fan, see this film. If you have seen A Beautiful Mind, well then you have seen a better Jennifer Connelly film than this.