The Core

      The Core
      Archived Review

      One of the early summer films for 2003 was The Core, a sci-fi action movie that featured for once, some good acting, and an interesting plot.

      Hillary Swank of Karate Kid and 90210 fame (who had just come off a stellar performance in Boys Don't Cry), leads a group of scientists into the Earth's core to save the world. Like most action films nowadays, the plot is usually a little silly, like the whole world hangs in the balance theme. The idea here is that the the outer core has stopped spinning and with it the planet's magnetic field and atmosphere are changing in such a way that will spell doom for human life. The plan is to take a ship down to the core and set off some nukes to make the core right itself. The physics and science in the film is a little off and will most likely make some very real grad students at MIT sick to their stomachs that their studies are being taken for granted in this way.

      But film wise, The Core does a lot better. It is not often you see a film that is very watchable by all age groups and which doesn't have that much profanity in it. The film somewhat succeeds on the strength and quality of its cast, especially Swank, who honestly is very appealing to geeks and to women, in that she is smart and head strong.

      The DVD release features a standard 5.1 Dolby Digital track that does not astound as much as you would think, but then again, for an action movie, there is a lot of dialogue in this movie. The picture is pretty clean but not perfect, there are some artifacts in certain places. There is about 10 minutes of deleted scenes which actually add to the storyline so they are worth watching.