Team America: World Police

      Team America: World Police

      Team America: World Police
      Archived Review

      Like many fans of South Park, I have been eagerly anticipating the next Trey Parker movie for quite some time. Finally on Oct 9th, I was able to watch a sneak showing of Team America: World Police, which debuts nationally this week and after one showing, my thoughts on Trey Parker's first puppet movie are a bit mixed.

      TAWP was the result of Matt Stone and Trey Parker sitting around and watching old episodes of Thunderbirds, which was a television series. Somehow the old show got two of the best satirists to start thinking about making their own puppet movie, but of course put their own spin on it.

      The resulting story, tells you of a great young actor named Gary, who finds himself being recruited by the Team America team, to go on a dangerous mission to Cairo, where he will try to infiltrate the Islamic Terrorists and capture the WMD's. A love story develops between Gary and the blond Lisa, but of course things happen to mess things up and Gary leaves Team America to pursue a life of drinking and depression. Meanwhile Team America is attacked on two fronts, one by a fat Michael Moore liberal wuss, and by North Korea's infamous leader. When Gary comes back to face his responsibility, he finds a devastated headquarters and the team captured in North Korea. It is then up to Gary to rescue the team and save the world by using his acting of course. In the end he has to fight and act his way to victory against Alec Baldwin and Kim Jon Ill.

      There are some unusual moments in the film, like when Gary has sex with Lisa, which by all appearances is a hard core puppet scene. But perhaps what ends up being the most unusual scene is Gary's throw up scene. Then there are a lot of scenes that just jump out of you as being hilarious, like the panthers scene in North Korea. The dramatic scenes are spooky, because these are after all puppets, and facial expressions, especially the eyes, are so profound, that you feel strange equating such emotional response to a doll. Luckily the dialogue is so over the top that you find yourself laughing pretty quickly, like when the martial arts expert in Team America confesses he hates actors because he was sexually abused by the cast of Cats, the musical.

      One thing that TAWP does not have a lot of compared to the original South Park movie, is singing. TAWP is not a musical, it is mostly an action comedy, and perhaps one of the most pro-American movies I've seen in a long time.

      Some lines in the movie will definitely become timeless classics, but overall, TAWP seemed to be a very strange movie. It is definitely reaching with all the sex references, and its characters lack the well-rounded depth of the more famous South Park kids. Regardless, TAWP definitely is a movie to see for just its satire alone.

      "You see there are three kinds of people in this world: Dicks, Pussies, and Assholes. Pussies hate Dicks, cause Dicks fuck Pussies, but Dicks also fuck Assholes, and everyone hates Assholes cause they shit on everything. You also have to remember that Pussies are just an inch and a half away from being Assholes."