Archived Review

      Val Kilmer stars in this political thriller as a government agent who works only on individual cases.

      The story line for Spartan is very complex, but the director never seems to pause to explain much of it all, in this way, you see the story unfold through eyes of Kilmer's character, and much like the character who is not very emotional, the scenes never get too deep into any one character. But you will hardly notice it because the dialogue is rather poetic and the action is subtle but very fast paced, considering this is not an action film.

      Spartan is somewhat like Ronin, another very well done thriller.

      What I really liked about Spartan was the score. Throughout the film, there is a very complementary score which entirely keeps the pace of the movie fresh and unlike other films, the score in Spartan is subtle and effective, not harsh and interfering.

      Overall if you like an interesting kidnapping plot with very good acting, then Spartan deserves your viewing.