Shrek 2

      Shrek 2
      Archived Review

      The original Shrek was a light hearted modern view of fairy tales and it appealed to both adults and children on many levels. This was also in large part due to the cast, and not just good writing, so it is no surprise that Dreamworks released a follow-up film, now known as Shrek2.

      Shrek2 has so far excelled everyones expectations as it has been breaking records for most theatres played in. I even saw parents walking out of Shrek2 with their kids at midnight hours! It is that popular.

      Like any parent, I took the kids to go see the green guy and what I got out of the film was a bit different.

      Shrek 2 starts right after the honeymoon, where Shrek and his new bride must travel to Far Away Land to visit his in-laws. Upon arriving, Shrek, Fiona, and their trusty Donkey are greeted by less than excited parents and so starts the stage for Shrek's new adventure.

      Dreamworks tried a little harder this time to push more jokes into the film and in some places, it simply hilarious, like Pinochio not admitting to wearing a thong, or of course the Puss'n'Boots character. In a few places, the jokes don't work as well, but kids will hardly notice this.

      The animation is even better this time around, and maybe that is what bothered me most, because at a point, the animation is so good, that Shrek stops looking like a cartoon, and more realistic, like an actual real life person.

      Overall, Shrek 2 is just as funny as Shrek 1, but seems less fairy tale-like than the original, which means, it seems like a meshing of different fairy tale jokes which seem to overtake the main plot at times.