Firefox & Fonts

When you spend hours in front of a computer screen, it really helps to customize your environment as much as you can, so that you are comfortable. Today, I’ll cover everyone’s latest favorite, namely The Firefox Browser and how to make web pages look better by changing the default fonts. Changing the fonts of course applies to Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari, but since I use Firefox more these days and I decided to just cover one browser.

In Firefox choose: Tools menu: Options: Content: under the Fonts & Colors section select Advanced… and change the fonts to:


  • Serif: Georgia
  • Sans-Serif: Verdana
  • Monospace: Lucida Console


  • Serif: Georgia
  • Sans-Serif: Verdana
  • Monospace: American Typewriter or Monaco

These fonts are designed specifically for screen display, so they should look nicer than the standard fonts.

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