Enter Temples

I was in a strange place today and thought I’d write something a bit more off beat….

For Love Knows Not You

I walk into this place, alone and morbid, saddened in heart, and perhaps desperate in attention. The path goes on and stretches wide, but never wide enough, just long and whining down to other corridors, to other places, to stores and counters, to displays and makeup mirrors. Teenage girls giggle and converse their lives and events. Children cry and fingerprint the glass windows, their mothers tired faces try to smile and every now and then an impatient father looks at his watch. This place smells of nothing. It is clean and disinfected daily, the air conditioning is on, but it is never cold, perhaps too warm at times, filled with such masses, but it always feels close to adequate, like it is artificial. I look up into the ceiling and see only more glass, no real sun, but there is a light that comes through and I know that this place is a temple. It grows high and there is space, yet nonetheless it suffocates me. I feel the endless procession of people back and forth, a constant flow of images, everything new, shiny, and cool. Paranoid women and lost men, bored children misbehaving, a petri dish that has gone unattended. We build prisons for ourselves and call them temples.

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